Message from Director



Message from Director


Our organization is committed to continuously delivering 24 hours of Mongolian radio and television broadcasting to all government departments and soums of Mongolia; in addition, we are delivering commercial television programs through Mongolia, and special radio broadcasts in 5 languages ​​- Mongolia, China, Russia, England, and Japan - are continuously rebroadcasting from Mongolia to international area.

We are broadcasting programs to public using following channels.

  • Khonkhor Radio station in Central region.
  • High energy radio stations of Bayan-Ulgii, Khuvsgul, Govi-Altai, Omnogovi and Dornod aimags in rural area.
  • The first and second program of Mongolian National Radio using the Internet stream in over 300 soums connected with the fiber optic network and worldwide.
  • Line radio in Ulaanbaatar and Orkhon aimag.
  • The first program of the Mongolian national radio by cable television and multi-channel televisions under public and private partnership.
  • TV programs of Mongolian National Broadcaster, UBS, TV25, Education channel, TV9, ETV and TV5 and the first program of Mongolian National Radio have been broadcast to using over a total of 381 redistributing digital TV broadcasting stations located in 381 places in central and provincial cities, mines and agricultural enterprises.

In the future, we will work toward to explore technical and technological advancements of developed countries and will implement its best practices, and will attempt best services for our customers.

Wishing you all the happiness and success!