About Us

Our Mission

To develop and expand digital technology network of radio and television broadcasting, to comprise complex and composite technologies that meet current and future needs of consumers using modern communication and information technologies.

On May 1, 1931, the first radio broadcasting event was broadcasted by four radio speakers at Lenin Club and Central stadium in Ulaanbaatar. Central Television Tower was officially opened on September 27, 1967, and the television story began on this day that the Mongolian television program was broadcasted to the viewers by black and white television broadcasting station. Starting from this story, the "Mongolian Radio and Television Broadcasting Network" expanded to provide technical service and operation of several organizations including central station of radio broadcasting, central station of television, radio office of city line, center of measurement and repair, radio and television stations in Bayanzurkh, Dornod, Umnugovi and Khovsgol aimags. Our organization implemented a “National program for transmitting radio and television broadcasting to digital systems” since 2010, and covered service and operation of 365 radio stations with a capacity of 20W - 5000W which rebroadcasting programs of Mongolian National Radio and Television and commercial television for all stations in soums, settlements, towns, villages, and state health resorts. Also, the organization undertakes role to provide free radio and television programs by multiple channel station for public.

Public and Private partnership

Our organization cooperates with MNBTV, DDish TV, all provincial governments, and commercial TV for rebroadcasting their TV programs to viewers throughout Mongolia; moreover, to cooperate with state and parastatal companies including cellular telecommunications companies, internet service companies and "Telecom Mongolia" LLC, “МХС” SOE, ITZONE and New telecom LLC. Furthermore, the organization cooperates with police office and National emergency management agency for delivering emergency news to people in order to secure them from natural disaster and others.


Mongolian Radio and Television Broadcasting Network collaborates with global and regional international organizations including Asia Pacific Broadcasting Association (APBU), the US Space Satellite, the Asia Pacific Telecom (APT), and the Swedish PROGIRA organization; moreover, work together with leading companies like Rohde Schwarz, Thomson and Transradio. Furthermore, our organization is responsible to delivering ‘Voice of Mongolia’ program which is produced in Japan, China, England and Mongolia through the Asia-Pacific, East and East Asian countries.